It’s wonderful to get feedback from happy colleagues and clients. Below are some genuine quotes from a handful of people who’ve been kind enough to take the time to write something nice.

David Foy. Graphic Designer/Artist. Lee is a talented designer/artworker with a sharp eye for detail. He is reliable, hard-working and good fun to be around.

Thomas Garaventa. Graphic Designer presso Aptum Kommunikasjon. Lee is really a professional, hard working designer. He can do pretty much everything from the creative processes to the production. He is also a very fun person to work with.

Dean Sapsford. Project Officer at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. I had the unwitting honour of working with Lee after contracting him into our team at Destination NSW. Little did I know his portfolio only hinted at his ability to create incredible solutions, deal with goal posts that were strapped to roller skates, work independently, win friends, influence people, and lead the team in nocturnal team bonding exercises. Despite the odd accent amalgam convincing everyone he was a real-life version of the famous Mr. Rippley, only pretending to be a designer, he never-the-less succeeding in delivering incredible creative with aplomb and seemingly little duress. I would highly recommend his services and his general company as a valuable asset to your business.

Chris Hesford. Independent creative consultant. Lee is a great all-round designer/artworker. I have worked with him on many critical projects which, without his input, probably wouldn’t have hit the deadline. He is a true grafter who tackles work with pace, accuracy and plenty of his ‘special’ mancunian humour. He is a great asset to any team.

Gabrielle O’Hare. Sainsbury’s Argos Content Studio Controller | Product content expert | Content Strategy | Social & product video. I worked with Lee on a number of occasions. As well as bringing high levels of skill and superb attention to detail to his work, he was great to have as part of a team. He is supportive of his colleagues and works well under stress and makes a proactive contribution to solving problems and challenges in complex or large scale projects. He has a cheerful and optimistic outlook, which is why he was such a popular choice when we needed freelance support.

Kelly Fitzpatrick. Head of Retouch at Hangar Seven. I have known Lee for many years and would be very happy to recommend him to any potential employer. Quick and accurate, Lee is totally at home across all the industry applications, making him a safe and secure pair of hands you can really rely on.

Chris Fogg. Founder of Everywalk.com and Fogg Associates. Lee’s skills and dedication added real value to the creative process. He had both the ability to visualise a creative concept as well as the experience to craft it in readiness for production – a strong balance of creativity and craft. He also continually contributed to the personality and the spirit of the studio.

Matt Cox. Designer at Microsoft. Lee was amongst the top artworkers in the design studio. You could always count on him to get the job done to a high standard and out-the-door on time. Not only that, he’s a great personality to have around the office and it was a pleasure to work alongside him.

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