Red in Kristiansand

Why red? Maybe because of the area of Manchester I come from. Or maybe, because it is the most wonderful colour of all.

This is a new personal project.

I moved to Kristiansand on the southern coast of Norway in January 2015 after living on Oslo for seven years. I have had little time to get to know my new home town as I am often very busy.

My mission is to discover places in Kristiansand that contain red and look great. If I can’t find something red, then I will find places that would suit my red chair. I want to capture my version of Kristiansand.

This project that will be nurtured over time. I will be posting my images here, along with social media sites such as Instagram and Behance.

Apparel design

This is a hobby. Check out my designs at: Threadless and dbh.

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